You Might be a Preschool Teacher if… You say these 15 Things Everyday


The joys of being a teacher are endless. The moments that touch your heart are unmeasurable. When a kid calls your name out of a room of teachers, their warm hugs, the owies that you heal. Everyday those kids, “my” kids, bring such joy to my life.

Along with those joys are the everyday challenges that are associated with working with children. Little arguments, discipline, and my personal favorite, repeating the same instruction over and over again. Makes you feel like a broken record. (Actually, a recording of me saying the instruction would be really helpful. Save my voice the work. )

To be clear, this is not me complaining. I love my job. Just thought this may bring a smile to some of my fellow teachers/parents of toddlers.

Here’s a list of 15 things Preschool Teachers Say Everyday:

  1. “Mommy and Daddy will be back soon.”-Is it just me or is this the most common fib we tell kids every day? I mean, relatively, their parents will be back sooner than later, and a kid has no sense of time anyway.
  2. “Put away our backpack.”-We are constantly having to remind them where to place their stuff. Put on your jacket, put your artwork in your cubbie, get your backpack. It never ends.
  3. “Keep your hands to yourself.”-The nice way to say…”LEAVE that poor kid alone!”
  4. “Let’s use a Kleenex.” -It seems that there is never a break from boogers running down the kids faces. We all know that if its down their faces it will somehow, magically end up on us. I’ve decided I’d prefer poop over green runny snot!
  5.  ” You need to apologize.”-I love how kids are more often than not really fast to acknowledge their mistakes and make it right. Then they can also be very fast to forgive. Something we could learn from them.
  6. “Do you need to go potty?”-We all know the potty dance. When the kid is all dancing yet denying the fact that potty time is needed…cracks me up every time.
  7. “Use your nice hands.”-The number of times this is said in a classroom is innumerable. Turns out even adults need to be reminded to be kind with their hands. Maybe they didn’t pay much attention in Preschool.
  8. “Time to wash your hands.”-Drop Off, Wash your hands. Potty time, wash your hands. Snack time, wash your hands. You ate, wash your hands. Craft time, wash your hands. The list goes on!!! As a teacher your hands will feel the brunt of so much soap and scrubbing. Lotion is a teachers best friend. That and coffee.
  9. “Don’t forget to flush.”-The joys of finding a toilet unflushed is something teachers deal with every day. Teachers need a stomach of steal to deal with some of the “surprises” they find.
  10. “Let’s sing our ABCs.”- The go to song. Sometimes singing a song can calm down the atmosphere of a classroom. Plus kids love to sing. Especially when they can show off their ABC abilities.
  11. “Do you know what color this is?”-A great way to review the colors is pointing at an object and asking them to remember what color the item is. It’s a great way to break the ice as well.
  12. “You’ll be ok.”- When a kid is stressed and having a melt down, often times just saying this will help them to calm down. An adult reassuring them that they aren’t dying is a great comfort to them. Owies happen, so teachers say this one a lot.
  13. “Class, class?”-The nice way to say, “Stop talking!!!”
  14. “Walking feet.”-Running through the halls or in the classroom is a no no. The kids know this. I think some times they try to see how long it will take us to catch them.
  15. “Do you need help?”-Sometimes you can tell a kid is struggling but its always good to give them the option. Some kids are more independent and really want to try for themselves. I love when they try and try then succeed. The looks on their faces are priceless.


So there you have it! 15 things a preschool teacher says everyday. Most of the time several times a day. Do we love it anyway, you betcha! Because there’s nothing more rewarding than showing than pouring into a child’s life.



Someday My Prince Will Come

0715d2874cbba29ef40377512bbd2821[1] Someday, I’ll be dancing with the only man who has my heart, Jesus. I’ll be wearing a robe of white. There’s a crown on my head. I am the daughter of the King after all. Then, somebody will join us.

Jesus locks eyes with me. A look of pleasure on His kind face. As if I was His most prized creation.  My hand rests comfortably in His. I know I am safe in His arms. We talk about everything as He twirls me this way and that. Everything that is in me is captivated by my Maker.

As I spin, I start to notice a man who is also enthralled by my dance partner. I look at Jesus. There’s a twinkle in His eye, as if He’s planning something great. I begin to feel my partner  softly nudge me towards this new, strange man. I stop dead in my tracks and lean in to whisper something in Jesus’ ears.

“Lord, why are you changing the steps? I was liking our dance before.” His face shines with love. ” My dear Shai, you can trust me. I am the Ultimate Matchmaker after all. I created love.”

Before I know it the man is very close to me. I smile. Jesus made this man very handsome indeed.

“Jesus,” I lean in and lock eyes with my first love. ” Is it okay to love this man? I will never stop dancing with YOU. But could he join us? We would make a great team to bring glory to YOUR Name.”

A chuckle roles out of His throat. “That has been my plan all along.” Jesus gently places my hand in the man’s. Together we dance with Jesus as our instructor. And live life to put a smile on His face.

Someday, that day when my prince will come, will appear. Until that day, when I am given away at the alter, I will dance with Jesus.



A little about me!

about-me-leon-severan-we-buy-housesHere’s 20 random facts about yours truly 🙂

1. I am Twenty Years Old

2. I am the oldest of six kids

3. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon

4. I am currently enrolled in Salt Lake Bible College

5. I work at a Christian School

6. I love kids

7. I have a dream of owning a tea cup pig someday

8. I love to sing and dance

9. I am a Pastor’s Kid

10. I have visited Africa, India, Croatia, Austria,                                                                 Ecuador, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico

11. I have lived in four different States

12. I love the color pink and anything floral

13. I hope to get a degree in Christian Counseling

14. I  also work at my church in Children’s Ministry

15. I love anything antique

16. I’m all for saving money in any possible

17.  I love God’s Word

18. I became a Christian when I was eight years old.

19. I hope to leave a legacy of loving God and others

20. I love to write!!!

There you have it. I’m just a girl, in love with Jesus, living life.




Welcome to “Fingerprints of God” by Shai Garlinghouse. My goal with this blog is to bless others with lessons I have learned from God. Or as, I like to call these lessons the “Fingerprints of God.” We will address hard topics such as relationships, jobs, how to love others, and how to grow closer to Christ. As well as fun topics like silly situations, jokes, entertainment, and more. I’m excited to begin this adventure with you!