A little about me!

about-me-leon-severan-we-buy-housesHere’s 20 random facts about yours truly 🙂

1. I am Twenty Years Old

2. I am the oldest of six kids

3. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon

4. I am currently enrolled in Salt Lake Bible College

5. I work at a Christian School

6. I love kids

7. I have a dream of owning a tea cup pig someday

8. I love to sing and dance

9. I am a Pastor’s Kid

10. I have visited Africa, India, Croatia, Austria,                                                                 Ecuador, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico

11. I have lived in four different States

12. I love the color pink and anything floral

13. I hope to get a degree in Christian Counseling

14. I  also work at my church in Children’s Ministry

15. I love anything antique

16. I’m all for saving money in any possible

17.  I love God’s Word

18. I became a Christian when I was eight years old.

19. I hope to leave a legacy of loving God and others

20. I love to write!!!

There you have it. I’m just a girl, in love with Jesus, living life.





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